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Data Services 

Today right set of technologies and models paving a way to new era of competitiveness and innovation; an era where data is viewed as a living and evolving asset, an asset that can open new horizons.


We offer solutions that can help organizations capitalize on the transformational potential of Data and derive actionable insights from their it.

Our business domain expertise coupled with rich technical competencies enable us to define a Data strategy for your organization, integrate, architect and implement a solution and empower your business. 


Our expertise includes use cases, case studies, landscape, plan, PoC, build and support services, end-to-end Data solution offerings with consulting and technology implementation. 

We have techno-functional expertise in Pattern Analysis, Scenario Modeling, Classification and Anomaly Detection, Regression and Data Mining

Service offering range spans from traditional BI use cases to more complex and advanced analytical solutions like Social Analytics, Web Data Analytics, Text Analytics, Real-time BI and Predictive Analytics - Predictive Analytics Models (Targeting Customers by Direct Marketing, Market Basket Analysis, Case Management), Model Implementation, Advanced Data Visualization, End User Application for prediction. 

Data Visualization

Our visualization solutions offer your management team a clear representation of the data that matters. Sales, Marketing, Operations and Finance look at data differently so we design for their needs.


We apply our expertise to create data visualizations using popular data visualization tools that increases the appeal, comprehension, and retention of your data, increasing the impact on your audience. These data visualizations can be static, interactive, or even included in motion graphics.

Data Visualization Services:

  • Custom Reports and DashboardsSelf-Service Reporting Setups

  • Data Modeling / Data Discovery

  • Cloud/On-premise Tools

  • Predictive/Forecasting

  • Geovisualization, What-If Analysis

  • Feature-rich Interactive Visual Reports

Data Lake

As data grows and diversifies, many organisations are finding that traditional methods of managing information are becoming outdated. Potentially relevant data is available from enterprise and public sources in both structured and unstructured format.


This requires specific architectural approach designed to create a centralized repository of all, which can then be organized, discovered, analyzed, understood, and leveraged by the business

We provided expertise in Data lake technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Kubernetes, and Kafka, combined with the promise of cloud, to empower enterprises to execute their big data initiatives effortlessly.

Data Secuirty

Complex IT infrastructures require integrated network and data security solutions with right balance. We provide cutting edge results in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services for webapps, cloud apps, mobile apps and IT networks. 

We also partnered with Industry's leading solution providers for following solutions: 

  • End Point Security

  • Next Generation Firewalls

  • Pen Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

  • IDS / IPS

  • Web filtering

  • Data Protection Tools

  • Compliance & Regulations

  • Security Direction

  • Business Impact Analysis

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Social Engineering


Aligning your entire business in the cloud

Moving to Cloud

Your cloud migration has a destination, but it isn’t the cloud. It is a state of continuous reinvention. That’s why you should have migration advisors who understand the dynamics of your business and can help you capitalize on new opportunities across your entire cloud journey
We help organizations master the disruptive change brought about by new digital technologies and evolve new business models. Our customers benefit from our expertise, frameworks and partnerships. To maximize the potential of cloud computing, we address all the accompanying challenges such as security, availability, performance, compliance, integration and visibility.

" The Internet of Everything (IoE)  is bringing together people, process, data, and things together ......  create new capabilities, richer experiences and bringing unprecedented economic opportunity"  



Smart Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) are moving toward a comprehensive network that will make our everyday lives easier, safer and more comfortable.

With our solution, new homes/offices can reduce 40% wiring with zero switchboards. All electric elements are independently connected thru wifi / zeegbee, which can be controlled by smart phones, tablets or touch panels. Save energy with complete home and/or office automation solution. 

With our smart home solution you control every aspect of your home or office from your smart phone/tablet or home panel.  

smart lighting

Smart Lights. You can schedule and/or with presence sensor

Smart Sensor for Fire & CO dedection 

Smart Keys & Locks

Customise with your location. On Arrival or Departure from home

Smart Outlets. Monitor utilization or make ift safe for kids when not in use

Presence Sensor. Turns on /off lights, AC, TV or any other appliance. 

Smart Temperature setting accroding to weather information

Smart Appliance. Control with any device

Control shades or let smart panle to do according to sunlight

Detect water leakage and riase alarm

Smart Lock and Sensor; Turn off HVAC when open

Control all this form any device

Smart Panel 

Control all this form any device

Data Logging (IOT)

Data logging is the process of monitoring various physical conditions and recording them over an extended period of time. The collected data is accessed and then observed and analyzed at a later date.  While data logging is a type of data acquisition, it uses a lower sampling rate (seconds, minutes, hours, or even days). Data-acquisition systems sample data at high speeds (kS/s, MS/s, GS/s) for real-time monitoring and analysis as well as recording.

• Temperature (the most common)
• Humidity
• Pressure
• Liquid flow or level
• Mechanical position
• Strain
• Load
• Vibration
• Light level
• Current, voltage, or power
• Event occurrence
• Wind speed
• Time of use
• Others

We offer various types of data loggers and sensors.

Some of the typically monitored physical characteristics include:

Many newer sensors incorporate an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to provide a digital output. Most of our data loggers are capable to post data in JSON format to an HTTP-server and therefore enabled to be hooked up to your tailor made web or cloud-based IoT monitoring server. 

Our Story

Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?”by Robert Browning is the inspirational behind ńaxis digital.


Today with right set of technologies and models one can pave a way to new era of competitiveness and innovation. We believe that people empowered by data can make critical decisions, solve complex problems, and collaborate effectively.


At ńaxis , we work with you to break through the fog of technologies and tools. We help you map and model the true landscape and enable you to overcome the obstacles in your path to success thru offering outcome based services and solutions.

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